What We Do

Welcome! Food for Black Thought (FFBT) is an action education initiative that celebrates Black resilience. Initially launched as a groundbreaking symposium in 2012 and 2013 in Austin, Texas, today we create resources that promote anti-racist, socially-just, cooperative, and community-based food systems. Five principles guide our work.

Black food experiences past and present are our focus. Black experiences in the United States and beyond provide insights about 1) how food systems work (or not), 2) the power of community-based food practices, and 3) resilience. In the midst of rapid urban gentrification, climate change, rural displacement, and widening wealth gaps – we believe these insights are critical for Black and non-Black communities alike.

We partner with campuses, classrooms, non-profits, neighborhood organizations, grassroots collectives, and other communities committed to just food systems.

FFBT Snapshot

How We Work | Capacity Building. Action Research. Dialogue.

Our resources focus on 1) conducting mindful action research, 2) critical self and group reflection, 3) mobilizing community assets and knowledge, and 4) analysis of systemic local/global issues. Each of these supports project- and relationship-building.

Our Approach | Intersectional. Participatory. Holistic. 

Guided by our 5 principles, we take into account how race/racism, class, gender, sexuality, mobility, and other aspects of peoples’ lived experience intersect. We emphasize self reflection and self care. We understand food as more than health and health as more than food. Critical participatory action research informs our methodology and teaching approach.

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