Action Research Projects

Survey Team Picture

2013 Community Food Survey 

In 2013 we worked with a team of fellow community members of color of color to draft the first FFBT Community Food Survey. Following a critical participatory action research model, we co-created questions, sought feedback from consultants and long-established community members on questions, and partnered with local organizations to launch. The time was ripe: Austin is both a growing city and a rapidly gentrifying one with a history of spatial segregation; its Black population in particular is on the decline. What do these urban changes mean for Black and Brown food access? In addition to asking questions commonly found on surveys that explore Black/Brown food access to fresh foods and vegetables, this survey explored how residents feel about changes in their neighborhood, if they tend a home garden or raise animals, and what time of day they shop for food.

Our team* launched the survey in English and Spanish from hubs with high Black and Latin@ traffic: the Sustainable Food Center MLK Farmer’s Market, the HEB grocery store on Springdale at the Take Your Loved One For A Checkup Health Fair, and the Rosewood Community Market. This survey was funded by a Community Transformation Mini-Grant from the City of Austin.

What’s Next?!  

With an analysis team that includes the survey builders and local food justice advocates, we’re collaborating on a report to share with local community organizations, policymakers, and here on-line by January 31, 2015. Stay tuned for survey updates by joining our e-mail list. Connect!

*Survey Team Members in Photo: Dr. Kevin Thomas, Dominique Bowman, Naya Jones, Latricia Eguavoen, Monique Walton, and Timothy Bailey. (Not pictured Heather Frambach)