Food for Black Thought in *The Austin Chronicle*

Kevin and Naya

Photo by John Anderson of The Austin Chronicle

We recently shared updates on Food for Black Thought projects, collaborations, and more with The Austin Chronicle. Read the profile piece by Jessi Cape, here!

With Gratitude 

We also want to give thanks to the people who continue to consult and volunteer and move energy with Food for Black Thought. You made these past two years vibrant, thoughtful, and powerful. With gratitude:


D. Bowman*

A. Reese

T. Scott


K. Carter

L. Eguavoen*

J. Gatson

Q. Guy

Community Food Survey Team: (Individuals starred above, plus . . . )

T. Bailey

C. Harding / Sustainable Food Center 

J. Koch

H. Frambach

R. Villalobos

FFBT Symposia (2012/2013) Keynote Speakers: 

Hoover Alexander / Owner of Hoovers Cooking

Dr. Breeze Harper

Toni Tipton Martin  

Dr. Pancho McFarland

Michael Twitty 

 Interconnections: (we connect & cross-fertilize)  

Black Media Council


Grow Dat Youth Farm

Heirloom Blooms  



Urban Roots