Frequently Asked Question: Is Food for Black Thought a non-profit?

FFBT Symposium - Toni Tipton Martin

We are consciously not a non-profit in order to have the most freedom over how we move, who we serve, and where we do it.

So what are we? 

Today the best “legal” description for FFBT is a social enterprise initiative – we guess. FFBT is an action education initiative of our community-focused umbrella org, Get Rooted Consulting LLC. We’re following a legacy of Black folks who put community first as we sustain ourselves and support others. We do this by combining public education + private consulting.

How did we get here?

FFBT started in 2012 as a grassroots effort sustained by passion and generosity. We partnered with institutions who helped us put on large-scale events that were free and open to the public. We were not supported financially by this work as individuals, and the one grant we received was for a specific project, not for team salaries. If FFBT was going to grow and last, we needed a more sustainable model. We wanted to build intentional relationships with educators, builders, and visionaries. We wanted to devote more time and energy to FFBT. In 2015, we expanded to partnerships and consulting.

How we’re funded today

FFBT is increasingly supported by grants and funding through partnerships (we are part of grants, and people partner with us). We also consult by fee with individuals and organizations who are committed to social transformation. In addition, we sometimes receive out-of-the-blue donations with no strings attached (thank you!). All of this helps us sustain the work, support communities, and sustain ourselves.

Connect + In-Progress

Connect with us to support, sustain, and/or partner.

We are also currently working on a way to *Donate Here* for our website. Thank you for supporting and joining the journey!