Frequently Asked Question: Why the focus on Black folks?

About this series: this series responds to frequently asked questions (FAQs) we’ve received the past 4 years since our beginnings. Onward! – Food for Black Thought

As an action education initiative, we focus unapologetically on Black food experiences, history, and knowledge. Here are a few reasons why:

1) It’s not just a topic for us – it’s our lives.
Our core team is Black-identified (African American and Black/Mexican). We teach about what we are also learning, experiencing, and surviving in our daily lives. We’re inspired by our experiences with “food insecurity” and racial profiling. We’re inspired by eating, cooking, and growing traditions in our families. We’re inspired by the experiences of other Black folks. We’re moved by on-going disparities affecting Black communities and other historically-resilient populations. We’re inspired by ancestors who worked plantation fields, grew gardens, and so often cooked for other people’s families – as well as their own.

2) It’s time to shift.
Old wisdom: centering the experiences of the oppressed is one way to understand how systems take place. Because of longstanding oppression and resilience, Black experiences highlight how local and global food systems are working – and how they’re not.

3) It’s time to reclaim.
Black communities have always been resourceful – though not recognized as such. We believe Black food history, knowledge, and community-based practices are vital for Black and non-Black populations – especially as communities all over the world face climate change, deepening inequality, and other contemporary issues.


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