Graduate Associates + Interns

Grad associates and interns help Food for Black Thought thrive and sustain. Meet the spring 2017 team! If you’re interested in working with us in the future, connect with us. You’ll be the first to know when opportunities are available.

Letisha Brown | Research Graduate Associate

As a PhD. Candidate in the Department of Sociology at the University of Texas at Austin I fell in love with the study of food and social relationships, particularly with respect to the ways in which they intersect with race and gender. FFBT offered me the opportunity to put my research into action, and so I jumped at the chance! I get to use my skills as a researcher and interviewer, while learning new things every single day and pushing myself in ways that will make me a better scholar, and human being. I came to FFBT to learn and to grow, and that is what I’ve been privileged to do.

Chris Hamborsky | Allyship in Action Intern

Though originally from Houston, Chris came to the University of Texas at Austin in order to pursue a degree in Government, but after two years of study he came to realize that something crucial was missing from his political education: racial analysis. He then added on a second major, African and African Diaspora Studies, and found a new community of conscious, engaged, and intentional students and activists. He also began developing a critical lens, which has helped him understand the ways in which we’ve failed to realize a truly democratic and just society. He hopes to utilize his education in order to pursue a career in the nonprofit sector and eventually attend law school in hopes of practicing civil rights law. His interest in FFBT stems from his understanding of systemic inequalities in our food system. He believes that food is perhaps the most important determinant of health, and as such, he wants to contribute to making food justice a reality. When he’s not working at UT or with FFBT, he likes to spend time outside, cycle with his Texas 4000 teammates, try new foods, listen to music, and explore the city.

Joshua Washington | Social Media Graduate Associate 

Joshua is a Floridian living in Austin, TX. He is currently entering his second year as a graduate student within the Stan Richard’s School of Advertising at the University of Texas at Austin. Professionally, Joshua collaborates with solopreneurs on brand development. He joins Food for Black Thought out of a desire to help educate communities of color on the intersectionality of race, food and class. Beyond the classroom, Joshua consults friends on growing an online community. In his leisure time, Joshua enjoys riding his bike through downtown, photography, graphic design and spending time with friends and family. Visit him on LinkedIn.